Episcopal Church Women (ECW)

IMG_3802[1]Episcopal Church Women (ECW) is a diversity of women within our church that reflects all of us.

Our mission is to worship the Lord and spread the good news throughout the kingdom. With our commitment our church can be a community of Christian women who strive to uplift and share the gospel. Our diversity will avail itself in all of us which will honor our mission statement.

ECW Ministries – We meet the second Sunday after mass to incorporate our plans to uplift up and support our church and our community. We sponsor an annual Prayer Breakfast, book bag drive for our neighboring school Bryant Promise Academy, diaper drive for St Barnabas Mission, Fun days and fund-raiser trips for our church.

St George St Barnabas is a collaboration of Saints from several churches with extraordinary ideas and experiences. We use these resources to build each other up to stay committed Godly endeavors with love, understanding, encouragement and respect, as we travel this journey to fulfill the great commandment.

Let’s Break Every Chain, for there is “POWER IN THE NAME OF JESUS


  • President                                  Sereta Callender- Andrews     
  • Vice President                          Sharon Potts- Amill
  • Secretary                                 Edith Schmeltzer
  • Treasurer                                 Lucille Potts
  • Chaplain                                   Paula Clark