Welcome to Hospitality

Our committee was formed some years ago to alleviate the stressful search for people to perform duties at Receptions & Repasts. We have incorporated and expanded our outreach to include the following stewardship of giving our time, using our talents, and the collection of donations to support events and activities that occur at St. George St. Barnabas Episcopal Church.

  • Set up & cleanup for Special Events
  • Preparation of Repast- Giving support and guidance to the loved ones of our dearly departed
  • Organization & Collection of supplies
  • Working with the Diocese and other Congregations in group events
  • Greeting and Welcoming members & visitors
    • Visitor bags- supply content & pass out to visitors
  • Outreach
    • Calling the sick and shut in
    • Contacting members who have not been able to fellowship with us regularly
    • Mailing cards and the Sunday Worship bulletin

The services we provide are voluntary. We believe in supporting our Parish and serving our congregation and visitors. Anyone wishing to join our committee may do so at any time. Our doors are always open!!!

Meetings are held when necessary to organize for an Event Contact us by calling the Church office

(215) 747-2605

Present Members

Sandra Bonner

April Byrd

Greg Clark

Nicole English

Bridgette Bonner-Fennal

Elaine Johnson

Marianne Pearson

Stephanie Scott

Cynthia Talmadge

Sheila Walton

Jacquie Williams

Honorary Members

Ranell Callender

Rashell Callender

Sereeta Callender

Yours in Christ,
Marianne Pearson & Bridgette Bonner-Fennal