St. George St. Barnabas Episcopal Church

Priest in charge-

Senior Warden- Kurt Williams Sr.

Junior Warden- Henderson Nicholls

Treasurer- Lana Moore- Dillon

Clerk of the Vestry- Bridgette Bonner- Fennal

 1- Year Term ends 01/2018
Kenneth Scriber

Irvine Gamble

Richard Peoples

Cynthia Talmadge

 2- Year Term ends 01/2019
Bridgette Bonner- Fennal

Richard Dill

Barbara Satterwhite

Kurt Williams Sr.

 3- Year Term ends 01/2020
Greg Clark

William Gordon

Henderson Nicholls

Marianne Pearson

Vestry is the governing body of our Parish until we call a Rector. We follow the Constitution & Cannons of the Episcopal Church, Diocesan Canons, and our Parish By- Laws.

If you would like to present / attend a meeting please contact our Parish Office (215)747-2605

Members of the Vestry are always available to the congregation to discuss issues or bring forth matters of discussion on behalf of the congregation.  


*Meetings are held in the Parish Hall 7 P.M. the 2nd Monday of every month. *